Rohanie Singh

Steps to selling your home!

  1. Find a good Realtor – The most important step, as your realtor will be there to help you during the entire process!
  2. Hire a lawyer – You will need a real estate lawyer when it comes time to close, and you will need one if you are buying a new home. Find someone you trust, and if you are not sure who to hire, your realtor can probably recommend someone
  3. Get your house ready to sell – Hire a home inspector, declutter, do any fixes and renovations, and stage/prepare your home for viewing
  4. List your home – Your Realtor will to ensure your pricing is what you want and competitive in the market
  5. Schedule an open house or house showings – Be prepared to make arrangements to allow for chunks of times for an open house or block of showings
  6. Negotiate and accept a bid – Work with your Realtor on how much you are willing to negotiate. Included in this will also be a closing date, which is negotiable, and it may include things that came up in the inspection that require resolving before the house closes
  7. Paperwork for closing – Your realtor and lawyer can help you navigate these steps

I look forward to helping you sell your home.

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